Sergey Skuratov Architects is a private construction design bureau based in Moscow.
Since its founding in 2002, the bureau develops projects of varying complexity: urban planning, social and cultural facilities, multi-story and private residential houses, high-rise buildings, etc. The studio has participated in numerous competitions and exhibitions (“Arch-Moscow”, “Golden Section”, “Zodchestvo”, etc.), and has also received Russian and international architectural awards.

More than 40 original projects have been completed during the years of our bureau`s existence. Unique buildings in Moscow, other Russian cities, and also outside Russia, have gained recognition in the professional community, and the brand name “Sergey Skuratov Architects” has become renowned internationally.

The “Skyscraper on Mosfilmovskaya Street” was distinguished during the CTBUH (Urban Habitat) Awards competition as the best high-rise building of 2010. In 2013,, the largest provider of information on construction topics, included this project among the 5 best high-rise buildings in the world.

The “Garden Quarters” residential complex in Hamovniki is the largest scale project of the Skuratov studio. It has restored to Moscow the concept of developing self-contained and safe residential neighborhoods next to generally accessible areas for urban residents.

The premium class residential building Copper House has become a new “Genius Loci” in the center of the “Golden Mile” in Ostozhenka, which is still the most conveniently located and prestigious residential area in Moscow.

The residential complex Art House, a building with an art gallery on the banks of the river Yauza, demonstrates the unlimited possibilities of clinker bricks on facades, and the suitability of the modernist touch within the historical city environment.

For the inventive use of plastics on its facades, Danilovsky Fort office complex is the most striking in the business center of Moscow.
The ambitiousness of goals and challenges of our studio is reflected in all of the projects Skuratov Architects develops – from large-scale urban planning to public buildings and private residential houses.