‘ART HOUSE’ living and administative-cultural complex

Object name: Living and administrative-cultural center ‘ART HOUSE’
Function: Living house
Address: Moscow, Serebryannicheskaya quay, 19
Project organisation: ‘Sergey Skuratov Architects’
Client: ‘Avgur’ ltd
Авторы: S. Skuratov — lead author,
N. Demidov, P. Shalimov
Architects: D. Golyshenkova, A. Alendeev, D. Chernyshov, Y. Levina, Y. Klevakin
Constructors: M. Kelman, A. Kutsenko
Engineers: S. Gorin, S. Kaminov, P. Kozlov
Project stages: architectural concept, architectural project, detail drawings, architectural supervision
Project: 2005-2007
Construction: 2007-2012
House of the year, 2013
Laureate of the Golden Ratio awards, 2013
ARX Awards 2006 laureate in ‘Project of a building/complex’ nomination.
1st degree diploma at ARCH MOSCOW 2006 in ‘The Best Project’ nomination.
Publications (in english):
Sergey Skuratov Architects // The Plan #075, 03.07.2014

Total object area: 12 740 m²
overground: 8 000 m²
undergound: 3 500 m²
Construction volume: 60 606 m³
Site area: 3 600 m²
Construction area: 1 895 m²
Number of floors: 5-6
Number of flats: 30
Number of car places in the underground parking: 109