Apartment house in Chisty lane reconstruction

Object name: Reconstruction of an apartment house in Chisty lane
Typology: apartment house
Address: Moscow. Chisty lane, h 10.
Project organization: ‘SKiP’ ltd
General contractor: ‘Kodest’ ltd
Client: ‘Firma KSO’ GT
Authors: S. Skuratov, M. Chirkov, S. Kisselev, restorer: N. Safontseva
Project: 1996-1997
Construction: 1997-1999
Project stages: architectural concept, architectural project, design project, architectural supervision.
Awards: Awarded for the best reconstruction in Moscow awards in 2000
Publications: ‘Arhitekturny vestnik’, ‘Sovremenny dom’.

Number of floors: 7
Number of flats: 3
Number of car places in the underground parking: 7