‘Copper House’ residential complex in Butikovsky lane, 3 / interior

Object name: ‘Copper House’ residential complex
Function: Residential complex
Address: Moscow, Ostozhenka str., Butikovsky lane, h 3
Project organisation: ‘Sergey Skuratov Architects’ ltd
General contractor: ‘Starteks Stoun’ ltd
Client: Rose group
Authors: S. Skuratov — lead author,
V. Ryshova, N. Ishutina, Y. Kovaleva, A. Medvedev, P. Karpovsky, P. Shalimov,
N. Demidov, V. Danilov,
M. Kelman — chief constructor,
M. Shustova — chief engineer
Project stages: architectural concept, architectural project, design drawings, architectural supervision
Design: 2002 – 2003
Construction: 2003 – 2004
‘Moscow best architectural masterpiece awards 2002-2003’ in ‘Project nomination’.
‘Golden ratio’ 2003 award in ‘Project nomination’.
Golden diploma and press prize at Zodchestvo 2004.
‘Copper House’ dwelling facilities in the best building nomination 2003-2004 taken in Museum of architecture collection.
Exposition in Museum of architecture. Moscow, 2004.
Exhibitions: New Moscow (Berlin, 2003), Arch Moscow, Zodchestvo, etc.

Total object area: 8 042 m²
aboveground: 6 100 m²
underground: 19 42 m²
Construction volume: 30 337 m³
Site area: 0,42 hectares
Construction area: 1 075 m²
Number of floors: 6
Кол-во квартир: 20
Number of car places in the underground parking: 42