Residential complex on Leningradsky highway, 69 architectural concept

Object name: Residential complex on Leningradsky highway, 69
Function: Architectural and urban pre-concept
Address: Moscow, Leningradsky highway, 69
Project organisation: ‘Sergey Skuratov Architects’ ltd
Client: ‘Storm Properties’, ltd
Authors: S.Skuratov — lead author,
A. Panev, A. Alendeev, I. Samsonov, E. Korolev, I. Golubev
Project stages: Architectural Concept
Year of the project: 2014

Site area: 4,707 hectares
Residential development area: 4,287 hectares
School site (as part of house territory): 0,29 hectares
Kindergarten site (as part of house territory): 0,08 hectares
Distribution substation site: 0,03 hectares
Sanitary protection zone of the Moscow wines cognac plant (20 m): 0,37 hectares
Common area: 0,13 hectares
Building area: 1 070 m²
Total area of the complex: 112 840 m²
Overground area: 98 400 m³
Underground area: 14 440 m²
Total floor area of building: 113 800 m²
Residential development density: 25 000 m² per hectare
Construnction volume: 390 000 m³
Number of storeys: 1-2-12-37
Total commercial area: 74 860 м²
Total apartment area: 65 600 м²
Total number of flats: 938
Number of inhabitants: 1 312
Total area of built-in and attached premises of public purpose : 13 960 m²
Total parking places: 727