Residential complex in Minsk, architectural competition


Object name: residential complex with social and public facilities and underground parkings in Nezavisimosti prosmect — Krasnaya street — Kiseleva street, Minsk
Address: Belarussia, Minsk
Project by: «Sergey Skuratov architects»
Authors: S. Skuratov — lead author, chief architect: К. Маркус, architects: Y. Akimov, I. Golubev, K. Golubeva, I. Lyashenko, S. Morozov, I. Skibnevsky, A. Smirnov, S. Subbotin, S. Chekmarev.
Project stages: architectural competition
Project year: 2018

Total area: 127 747 m²
Total area of development: 66 214 m²
overground area: 22 423 m²
uinderground area: 43 791 m²
Area of apartments (total area of the housing stock): 56 979 m²
Number of flats: 615
Public premises area: 11 064 m²
Area of closed infrastructure:
cinema area: 298 m²
fitness area (pool, gym, yoga hall): 1 504 m²
gindergarten area: 946 m²
Number of floors: 6 – 9
Number of car places in the underground parking: 1 263
Number of inhabitants: 1 425
Height of buildings: 25 – 35 m