Residential complex on Minskaya str.

Object nаme: architectural and urban concept of residential complex with social infrastructure objects on Minskaya str.
Address: Moscow, ZAO, cross of Minskaya str. and Kievsky direction of Moscow Railroad near Ramenki river
Project by: “Sergey Skuratov Architects”
Authors: S. Skuratov — lead author, project author, K. Markus — chief architect, I. Ilyin — chief architect, V. Obvintsev — chief architect, Y. Akimov, I. Golubev, K. Kazha, D. Kirillova, I. Lyashenko, I. Skibnevsky, S. Subbotin, S. Chekmarev
Project stages: architectural contept, contest, 1st place (due to economic reasons, a cheaper project of another participant was adopted for implementation)
Date: 2017

Site area:
ВГК-1: 1,75 га
ВГК-2: 2,25 га

1 – 226,8 m
2 – 266,4 m
3 – 226,8 m

4 – 266,4 m
5 – 309,4 m
6 – 266,4 m

Cуммарная поэтажная площадь (СПП) (жилье+коммерческие помещения)
ВГК-1: 181 050 m²
ВГК-2: 217 048 m²
Всего: 398 098 m²