Bolshaya Pochtovaya, architectural concept, 2nd variant

Object name: Multifunctional living complex architectural concept
Address: Moscow, Bolshaya Pochtovaya str., 30, 34
Function: multifunctional living complex
Project organisation: ‘Sergey Skuratov’ ltd
Client: CJSC ‘Firma Gloria’
Authors: S. Skuratov — lead author,
V. Obvintsev, K. Kharitonova
Project stages: architectural concept, urban planning
Project: 2011

Total area of the complex: 170 350 m²
Total overground area: 108 150 m²
Total living area: 67 800 m²
Total area of flats: 54 200 m²
Kindergarten: 1 200 m²
Total underground area: 62 200 m²
Number of car places: 1 986