‘Stone&Wood’ villa in Pirogovo

Object name: ‘Stone&Wood’ villa
Function: Individual detached house
Address: Moscow region, Mytishinsky rayon, ‘Pansionat Klyazminskoe vodohranilische’ club village
Design: ‘Sergey Skuratov Architect’ ltd
Client: A. Eshkov
Authors: S. Skuratov — lead author,
N. Asadov, E. Fonskaya, with: A. Sazhinova, E. Guskova, Y. Frolova
Project stages: architectural concept
Project: 2007
Exhibitions: ARABESK(i) 2007

Site area: 1 hectare
Construction area: 705 m²
Total area: 2007 m²
Number of floors: 2 этажа
Area of terraces: 173 m²