Taganka multifunctional complex with apartment-hotel concept

Object name: Space-planning concept of a multifunctional complex with apartment-hotel Taganka
Function: Public building
Address: Moscow, Tagansky
Project organisation: ‘Sergey Skuratov Architects’ ltd
Client: ‘Vedis group’
Authors: S. Skuratov – lead author,
C. Dmitry, G. Evgeniya, M. Karasik, with: D. Aleksandrov, A. Egerev, A. Ivanova, V. Stebenkova, Y. Frolov
Project stages: architetural concept
Project: 2007

Site area: 1,158 hectares
Construction area: 1,86 hectares
variant ‘Barcelona’:
overground area 50950 m² (up to 165 apartments); stilobate area 17080 m²; total overground area 68030 m²; underground area 23200 m²; number of car places 580
varian ‘lisitsky’:
overground area 46480 m² (up to 152 apartments); stilobate area 18240 m²; total overground area 64720 m²; underground area 22750 m²; number of car places 570
вариант «сити»:
overground area 51780 m² (up to 80 apartments); stilobate area 21600 m²; total overground area 73380 m²; underground area 22800 m²; number of car places 570