Multifunctional high-rise residential complex on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment

Name: Multifunctional high-rise residential complex on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment
Address: Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya embankment
Project by: “Sergey Skuratov Architects”
Authors: S. Skuratov — lead author, chief arhictect of the project — I. Ilyin. Architects: Architects: M. Alexandrov — chief architect, D. Kholodov, I. Doshlygin, N. Alekseeva, N. Gai, I. Matveev, S. Grushevsky, N. Gorodetsky, D. Terekhina, E. Pomigueva, M. Noskova, M. Arutyunyan, V. Stetsenko, A. Volikov, M. Alexandrov, T. Khaburzania, R. Yatsenko, A. Sharov. Visualization: Ya. Akimov, S. Morozov.
Project stage: architectural concept, shop drawings, construction supervision
Project year: 2016–2022

Total site area: 31 229,40 m²
Area of development: 28 202,40 m²
Overground development area: 8 085,36 m²
area of landscaping: 24 702,89 m²
existing: 2 922,79 m²
designed: 21 780,1 m²
Number of floors: 65
overground: 6
underground: 59

Number of storeys by block:
A: 57
B: 59
C: 56
Stylobate: 1

Total area of the complex: 228 618 m²
underground part area: 85 113 m²
underground parking and stylobate area: 74 777 m²
underground tennis courts area: 10 336 m²
overground part area: 143 504 m²

Number of flats: 668

Number of inhabitants: 1 841
Number of employees in offices: 2 214
Number of car places: 1 341