Multistorey residential complex on Marhsala Zhukova avenue

Object name: Multistorey residential complex on Prospekt Zhukova avenue
Function: Residential complex
Address: Moscow, Marhsala Zhukova avenue, 43, b 5
Project organisation: ‘Sergey Skuratov Architects’ ltd
Client: ‘KROST’ concern
Authors: S. Skuratov — lead author,
A. Rakita, T. Gruzdeva, N. Ishutina, with: A. Ivanova, P. Karpovsky, A. Hasanova
Project stages: architectural concept
Year: 2004

Total object area: 38 800 m²
Number of floors: 35
Number of flats: 142
Number of car places in the underground parking: 180