Zilart Lot 18

Object name: ZILART. Second stage. Multifunctional residential complex with underground car park, children shopping and entertainment center, and a puppet theater (Lot #18)
Address: Moscow, Danilovsky district, Avtozavodskaya str., estate 23, property №6
Project by: “Sergey Skuratov Architects”
Authors: S. Skuratov — lead author, project author, A. Panev, M. Kiryanova, S. Subbotin, A. Terentiev, A. Smirnov, V. Soshnikov
Project stages: architectural concept
Project year: 2017

Development site area: 0,5 ha
Constrution area: 4,95 thousand m²
Underground construction area: 6,44 thousand m²

Total floor area: 63,6 thousand m²

Total area: 77,9 thousand m²
overground: 59,5 thousand m²
underground: 18,4 thousand m²

Number of floors: 45
overground 33 – 42
underground 3

Residetial part area: 42,6 thousand m²

Total area of the children complex: 16,87 thousand m²
trade center: 10,77 thousand m²
sales area: 10,29 thousand m²
service premises: 0,48 thousand m²

puppet theatre / play zone: 4,45 thousand m²
public zone premises: 3,35 thousand m²
service premises: 1,10 thousand m²

technical premises: 1,65 thousand m²

Number of car places: 534
for residents: 412
commerce: 122

Construction volume: 341,37 thousand m²
overground part: 267,67 thousand m²
underground part: 73,7 thousand m²

Flat roofing area: 2087,33 m²

Maximum elevation: 150 m
Stylobate part height: 24,90 m

Project zero = 123,70