video The film about the bureau.
video Architectural conception of the Moscow City, site 17-18.

Private House In Troitsk / Interior // Archello


video The Kennedy Center Russian Lounge, 15.12.2014
video Finam FM. Program Archeology: ‘Profession: architect. Sergey Skuratov’, 15.01.2014.


video Sergey Skuratov – guest at Architectural breakfast prtoject.
video ‘Architecture without wasting words’ Sergey Skuratov’s masterclass, 23.04.2013, Central House of Architects.


video Architect Sergey Skuratov about Luzhkov.
video Interview at Channel 3.


video Angle view. Theme: Architects in the city.
video Finam FM. Program archology: Which monuments are necessary to the city?
video Interview at OTV.
video ‘The School for Scandal’: Sergey Skuratov.


video How Luzhkov damaged Moscow/// HERE AND NOW. Rain TV..

video “Moscow should be cured”. Rain TV.
video A heavy load of historicism. Rain TV.
video What would Skuratov demolish? Rain TV.


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