Graphisoft released ArchiCAD 17


Сover: Mosfilmovsky skyscraper.
Photo by: I. Ivanov


Sergey Skuratov in interview to ‘CAD Master’ magazine (#4, 2013) says:
— The benefit of the program is that work of several architects allows the creation of 3d model, put in the environment. This gives us, architects and designers, an ability to evaluate the customer’s ambitions and space opportunities from the first days.
Can we put the desired object on the given site? After estimate the amount of work we divide into groups — some design facade, others — the ‘guts’, and others design the ambience. The building exists in program like a child in the womb. We can assess its development, make the necessary changes, integrate the building in the city.
Our most interesting objects are made precisely in ArchiCAD.
We can see all parameters of the future of the building in an urban environment, use and assess different, use and evaluate various perspectives of the future building. For us ArchiCAD is an ideal design tool, which evolves over time.
Each new version gives us new possibilities for creation of complex forms, for calculating all necessary technical parameters, areas, volumes and much more.
ArchiCAD teaches the architect complex thinking. Think the structure and the house and its construction, and also to calculate the insolation, the size of window openings, and to see how the building is integrated into the environment. I would rather say that ArhiCAD allows the young architect comprehend the laws of the formation of the architectural body within a complex space of the city.