A new issue of italian magazine ‘The Plan’ (#075, 2014) on contemporary architecture in Moscow was released. A large material on our studio's works can be found on pages 049­­–062. The following objects are present: Danilovsky Fort, Art House, Residential house on Burdenko str., Mosfilmovsky Skyscraper.

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‘Mosfilmovsky skyscraper’ is considered to be one of the best skyscrapers of the world

Highrise complex at ‘Dom na Mosfilmovsky’, situated on Pyrieva str. took the fifth place at the annual Emporis Skyscraper Award. Built by architect Sergey Skuratov it consists of two housings — 53 storeyed (213 meters high) and 34 storeyed (132 meters heigh). The building was already mentioned before, including being ...

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Graphisoft released ArchiCAD 17

Сover: Mosfilmovsky skyscraper. Photo by: I. Ivanov Sergey Skuratov in interview to ‘CAD Master’ magazine (#4, 2013) says: — The benefit of the program is that work of several architects allows the creation of 3d model, put in the environment. This gives us, architects and designers, an ability to evaluate the customer’s ambitions and ...

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